P16005: Motorized Standing Wheelchair 2

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Customer Visit

On April 28th the MSD group went to Newark NY to visit our customer Meghan and her Physical Therapists. It was our first visit this semester, and showing a fully functional standing wheelchair to Meghan made her really happy. The wheelchair worked as desired and all components such as motion, sensors, controls, and lift mechanism worked perfectly. Although the wheelchair worked well, the P.T gave us some advices to make the wheelchair more ergonomic. The calf pad needed to go back, arm rests had to be lowered, and we had to add the seat belt and lateral padding to the wheelchair. After the meeting the group worked on finishing the product so it can be handed off to the customer as a robust, and ergonomic system fabricated for ease of use, maximum support, adjustability, and safety.
 Field Test

Field Test

Test Results Summary

 Field Test

Field Test

To view the latest test plan click on the following Final Test Plan.

The table above summarizes the results of the testing. All the critical engineering requirements(Importance of 3 &9) were satisfied. To conclude, this motorized standing wheelchair is functional, reliable, durable, and most importantly -- safe.

Risk and Problem Tracking

To view the latest problem tracking, as of 5-4-16, click on the following link Problem Tracking.

Final Project Documentation

Conclusion & Future Work

This motorized standing wheelchair is a robust and ergonomic system fabricated for ease of use, maximum support, adjustability, and safety. Future work can be done to improve the comfort of user. Also, improvements to the base may allow the wheelchair to move while in standing position.

Plans for Wrap-up

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