P16006: Tub Lift 2

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Our team wanted to finish up any remaining points of concern lingering with the detailed design, such as adding improvements to our design PDFs. We wanted to finish up our MSD II project schedule as well as create our problem tracker sheet. In addition to tracking problems, we sought to go over the risk assessment.

During the phase we accomplished the following:

  1. Updated Test Plans
  2. Updated Bill of Materials
  3. Completed MSD II Project Plan
  4. Completed Problem Tracker
  5. Updated design drawing PDFs
  6. Sent out design drawings to vendors to get quotes

Lingering action items include:

  1. Sorting out how we will handle hydraulic hosing since customer's setup is different than what we have to work with for testing purposes
  2. Updating the Bill of Materials to reflect the previous action item
  3. Ordering parts after receiving quotes

Detailed Design Updates

Bill of Materials

During the test and build preparation phase, some slight tweaks to the Bill of Materials was required. To view the updated list, please refer to the images below.




To download, please click the following:

Bill of Materials

Design Drawings & Files

The design drawings were updated to include more details that may be needed by a vendor when making the parts we need made.

To download drawing PDFs, please click the following:

Design Drawings

To download CAD files, please click the following:

Main lift CAD
Piston CAD
Swivel CAD

Test Plans

The images below display both the engineering requirements defined back in MSD I as well as the current version of our test plans. Please notice that all tests address engineering requirements, while also ensuring the functionality of each sub system. The intent is to ensure things are working earlier on in case that design iteration is required as indicated by the relevant tests.



To download, please click the following:

Test Plans

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management


Please click the following link to download:

Risk management Assessment

Problem Tracking

As stated in the actions items, we do currently have an active concern regarding the lift hosing, as displayed in the following image.


Please click the following link to download:

Problem Tracker

Plans for next phase

As it currently, stands, this is what our schedule looks like for MSDII... https://edge.rit.edu/dav/P16006/web/public/Project%20Management/MSDII/MSD%20II%20Schedule.PNG

Please click the following link to download:

MSD II Project Schedule

Please refer to the following attachments to view individual plans for the next phase of the project:

Branch - Build & Test Prep
Hall - Build & Test Prep
Krall - Build & Test Prep
Swearingen - Build & Test Prep

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