P16006: Tub Lift 2

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

As a team, we finished the assembly and testing of the lift. We also developed the technical paper and final poster. All remaining action items for the problems identified have been rectified.

Test Results Summary



Test Results

No Weight Lift Test

180 Pound Lift Test

Person Lift Test

Risk and Problem Tracking





Risk Management Assessment

Problem Tracking

Final Project Documentation

Bathroom CAD

Design Drawings

Main Lift CAD

Swivel CAD

Piston CAD

Bill of Materials

Final Poster

Final Technical Paper

Performance vs. Requirements

Recommendations for Future Work

  1. Should the lift be actually utilized within a submerged aqueous environment, the metallic components should be anodized.
  2. Our team was given misinformation regarding the amount of material that would be added through the anodization process. As a result, the holes on our lift are over-sized for the desired pins.
  3. Rather than welding the clevis mounts to the cross bar between the front two lift arms, they should be placed on in such a way that adjustments can be made to ensure that the lowest position on the lift can be adjusted should it come too low. If the lift comes too low, the chair plate rests on top of the pistons, which is not desired.
  4. If truly needing a manual stop at the lowest position of the lift, the material should receive a stiffener to improve its strength in order to prevent flexing of the base.
  5. Metallic elbow connectors should be used to connect hosing to the pistons to ensure a durable seal.
  6. A proper metal attachment should be used to mount the chair to the lift as to avoid cracking the plastic material, rather than utilizing epoxy for demonstration purposes.

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