P16006: Tub Lift 2

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

During this phase our team sought to purchase the remainder of our required parts and test the hydraulic piston to ensure that it was capable of extending. Furthermore, we wanted to sort out a way to address the uncertainties surrounding the hosing and valving we will utilize for the hydraulic lift. We have been able to address all of these concerns. We will be submitting a final order form on the date of our Subsystem Build & Test review such that we can acquire all remaining parts. We have gotten all required raw metal materials and will be having our "make" parts manufactured in-house at RIT. The hydraulic piston was subject to an air test, which found tat it is capable of extending and retracting.

Test Results Summary

The hydraulic piston was tested by filling it with air, since we do not currently have the proper hydraulic attachments. The piston successfully extended and passed this preliminary subsystem test. From this point, we can proceed with purchasing the second piston.


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Test Plans

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management


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Risk management Assessment

Problem Tracking

We have been able to select an appropriate course of action to address the hosing and valving uncertainties we previously had. We will be ordering the required parts and have updated our Bill of Materials accordingly.


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Problem Tracker




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Bill of Materials

Plans for next phase

At this phase of MSDII, we sought to have all of our parts ordered, delivered and ready-to-go for assembly. However, we are just finishing the ordering portion. The parts will still need to be manufactured. The delays in getting everything together were partially linked to budget constraints. We needed to figure out a way to circumvent the constraints and ended up getting material donated. Thankfully, sufficient extra time has been allotted into the MSDII schedule to account for these types of uncertainties.

Please refer to the following attachments to view individual plans for the next phase of the project:

Branch - Subsystem Build & Test
Hall - Subsystem Build & Test
Krall - Subsystem Build & Test
Swearingen - Subsystem Build & Test

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