P16007: Motor-Assisted Wheelchair

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this phase we sought to:

During this phase we managed to:

Team Member Departure

When the semester started our project manager, Brenden Hoff, asked to leave the team in order to support a struggling team at the request of Industrial Engineering department. Brenden believed that our current project was in a good position for completion. Brenden's usual tasks have been divided among the other members. He is still available for minor help if needed during the transition.

Parts & Materials Status & BOM

Finalized BOM (1/28/2016)

Current Status of All Orders

Top Link, Trailer Hitch

PWM, Fuses, Light Switch Guard

Wheel and Wheel Hub

Battery, Battery Charger and Battery Monitor

-Approval of the batteries was dependent on Dr. DeBartolo's approval for this particular choice. This was rectified as of 1/28/2016.


Tecknic Motor

-The order of the motor was set back due to issues with Teknic not accepting the PO. This was rectified as of 2/2/2016.


-The steel used for the project was obtained in person from Klein steel due to a backorder from MSC Direct. Done 2/1/2016.

The order of Battery Box was halted. The parts were not necessary at the moment, and further theoretical analysis is needed.

Test Plan Summary

Test Facilities & Locations

public/MSD%20II%20-%20Build%20&%20Test%20Prep%20Documents/Test Facilities.jpg


Battery Test Plans


PWM Test Plans


Buzzer Test Plans


Motor/Switches Test Plans

Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirement Test Plans

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risks/Problem Tracking

Project Plan

public/MSD%20II%20-%20Build%20&%20Test%20Prep%20Documents/MSD II Phase II Schedule.jpg

Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

Team Vision

According to the Schedule above, these are the following actions slated to be done during this phase:
  1. Finish Motor and Battery Testing.
  2. Finalize and assemble the controls layout for the end user.
  3. Build and assemble the entire mounting subsystem.
  4. Finish integration of the battery and motor subsystem with each other.
  5. Physically attach all subsystems onto the wheelchair.
  6. Run initial tests of the combined system.
  7. Have a complete product by Imagine RIT in May

Individual Plan

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