P16007: Motor-Assisted Wheelchair

Systems Design

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Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase

During this phase we sought to:

During this phase we managed to:

Functional Decomposition

public/Systems Level Design Documents/FunctionDecomposition.png

Concept Development and Morphological Chart

public/Systems Level Design Documents/ConceptDevelopment.png

Morphological Chart

public/Systems Level Design Documents/morphchart.jpg

Concept 1

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Concept1.png

Concept 2

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Concept2.png

Concept 3

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Concept3.png

Concept 4

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Concept4.png

Concept 5

Combination of concept 1 and 3, generated after two rounds of Pugh Analysis.

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Concept5.JPG

Concept Selection Criteria

Concept Selection

Summary of Pugh Analysis with Concept 1 as Datum

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Pugh Chart 1.png

Summary of Pugh Analysis with Concept 2 as Datum

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Pugh chart 2.png

Full Pugh Analysis


Concept 5 was selected as it had the most positives with the least negatives. This makes sense as it was generated as a composite between one and three, combining the good features found within each of those concepts while eliminating some of the not so good features and then submitted to the same pugh analysis. It is believed by the group that this concept will best meet the end goals of this project.

Systems Architecture


Feasibility: Benchmarking


Overall Solution Benchmarking

public/Overall Benchmarking.jpg

Motor Benchmarking

public/Motor Benchmarking.jpg

Battery Benchmarking

public/Battery Concepts.jpg

Switch Benchmarking

public/Switch Benchmarking.jpg

Designs and Flowcharts

CAD Drawings

CAD Files for Non-Modified Wheelchair Rendition

Preliminary Test Plans


User Interface Scale


Risk Assessment


Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

Team Vision for Next Phase

Team Vision Document

Individual Plan

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