P16013: Body Cooling System

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

The MS Body Cooling team planned to immediately begin and exclusively focus on Phase 1 testing of materials after returning from Intersession. The testing of wicking, insulative, and other fabric materials in this stage are crucial for the continuation of the project in a timely manner. After the Intersession, the team sat down to recap MSD 1 and identify previous problems to reflect on them in order to avoid repeated problems in the following stages. The team also updated their risk management, bill of materials, and problem tracking lists. All ordered materials arrived by the end of Intersession and were moved to the team's project space in the Student Project's Lab in Institute Hall. The team also refocused their attention on heat sealing techniques for the phase change materials before commencing Phase 1 testing. Phase 1 testing: testing of wicking, insulative, and materials

Updated Bill of Materials (BOM)

You can find our BOM spreadsheet here.

Test Plan Summary

S5 Test PlanS10 Test Plan

You can find our current test plan document here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

For the full risk management document, click here.

Problem Tracking

For the full problem tracking document, click here.

Design Review Materials

You can find the notes from this design review here.

Plans for next phase

The team hopes to accomplish the following before the next review:

MSDII Timeline

For the full timeline document, click here.

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