P16013: Body Cooling System

Detailed Design

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Please refer to the Detailed Design Documents directory for additional and original documents from this phase.

Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase

The Body Cooling System team planned on completing all of the outstanding MSD I tasks during this phase. This included the following:

All of these tasks were completed successfully during this phase, although we are still continuing to collaborate with the Industrial Design team in order to figure out the best way to package and seal the PCM. Starting in the first week of MSD II, we will launch our testing phases which are outlined below in the plans for MSD II.

Testing Configurations

Test Type Configuration
Test Hardware public/Photo Gallery/Test Configurations/Test Hardware.png
PCM Property Testing public/Photo Gallery/Test Configurations/PCM Properties Test.png
Fabric Testing public/Photo Gallery/Test Configurations/PCM fabric testing.png
Prototype Testing public/Photo Gallery/Test Configurations/PCM Tissue Test.png

Data Analysis

public/Photo Gallery/Data Explanation.JPG

Above is shown a sample piece of data, marked to show the relevant parts of information and what is obtained through the analysis of the plot.

Ideally, the temperature profile of the PCM should increase as the solid warms, then level as the solid melts before increasing again as a liquid. In actuality, the curve will likely have softer changes as the inner PCM will likely begin melting before the outer side does. Regardless, the curve will provide helpful direction in identifying the best system.

With the PCM temperature profile, we should be able to see a general slope associated with each rise as a solid and a liquid. The slopes of these lines will reflect the specific heats. The length of the middle flat tier will reflect the heat of fusion. It is desirable for our system to produce a plot with shallow slopes; reflecting a slow warming time and maximum duration of use.

Also important on this graph is the relative value of the surface temperature as compared to the temperature of the PCM. The difference in these temperatures will reflect the quality of the insulation between the PCM and the external environment.

Materials Consideration

SynDaver Muscular Tissue Plate

Prototype Fabrics

Wicking Materials

Insulative Materials



ThermaBelt with pocketsThermaBelt


ThermaCollar FrontThermaCollar PocketsThermaCollar SideThermaCollar Back


ThermaSeat 1ThermaSeat 2

Initial Testing

Test Setup

test setup

Preliminary Data

Ice Test

Test 1 - Ice

Test 1 - Ice

PCM Test

Test 2 - PCM

Test 2 - PCM

Bill of Material (BOM)

You can find our updated BOM spreadsheet here.

Test Plans

S5 Test PlanS10 Test Plan

You can find our current test plan document here.

Design of Experiments

public/Photo Gallery/DOE_Factors.png
public/Photo Gallery/DOE.png

You can find our current design of experiments document here.

Risk Assessment

For the full risk management document, click here.

Design Review Materials

For the Detailed Design Review presentation, click here.

Plans for MSDII

Updated Preliminary Timeline for MSDII

Testing Phases:

Paper and presentation preparation

Imagine RIT - May 7th

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