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Human Subjects Research

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Please refer to the HSR directory for additional supporting documents.

Human Subjects Research

Read more about RIT's Office of Human Subjects Research here.

Standards and Practices

Every effort to provide protection is done Read more about RIT's IRB Committees here. Read more about Human Subjects Protections Training here. View the completed CitiProgram training certification here. View the completed OHRP training certification here.

IRB Forms

Project Abstract

View the project abstract here.

IRB Proposal Form A

View the complete proposal here.

Consent Form

View the consent form here.

Subject Survey

View the subject survey here.

Key Terminology

View the list of key terms and FAQs here.

Team Member Training

View the presentation used to train test administrators on human subject rights here.

The Process

The final revision of the IRB proposal was submitted on March 12, 2016 in both electronic and physical formats to the Human Subject Research Office at RIT. The initial drafts of the proposal were updated for the following reasons: inclusion of acknowledgment of external support from the National Science Foundation, inclusion of updated HSR certification through the new CitiProgram curriculum, inclusion of monetary compensation to subjects for their time, inclusion of email blasts as form of subject recruitment, inclusion of Dr. Dan Phillips as Faculty Advisor, inclusion of FAQs and key terminology, and inclusion of HSR presentation as proof of team member training among many smaller edits to the various forms for clarification.

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