P16013: Body Cooling System

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer

The team planned to complete and completed the following during this phase:

Updated Bill of Materials

During this phase, we purchased an additional heat sealer and Vesl packaged PCM.
Bill of Materials
You can find our BOM spreadsheet here.

Test Results Summary

The below images show the results of preliminary testing on human subjects and related "simulated" tissue. As can be seen, the temperature profile generally spikes at about 7000-9000 seconds (1.9-2.2 hours) on the human subjects. The simulated tissue clearly showed a completed melting at approximately 5000 seconds (1.4 hours), though this lower time may be a result of human subjects wearing the system over their clothes. The test 1 on the tissue plate did not yield results as the tissue plate slipped off of the hotplate during the test and therefore the PCM did not ever completely melt. This adds to the insulation and slows the overall heat transfer. Further testing will enable us to more effectively correlate the simulated tissue to actual human testing.

Human Subject Test 1

Human Subject Test 1

Human Subject Test 2

Human Subject Test 2

Simulated Tissue Test 1

Simulated Tissue Test 1

Simulated Tissue Test 2

Simulated Tissue Test 2

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

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Problem Tracking

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Functional Demo Materials

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Plans for next phase

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Below is an overview of the project timeline and Gantt chart for the remaining weeks of MSDII. Click the picture to view it larger and the zoom in and out tools will allow movement around the document for a closer look at specific phases.

The main activities that will take place for the rest of the semester are testing on the simulated tissue plate and testing of human subjects. We will also be completing the final paper and final poster while preparing for Imagine RIT. The Body Cooling team will exhibit at Imagine RIT in the Clark Gym as part of Dr. Destler's Accessibility and Inclusion Technology Challenge We will also be preparing the project for a hand off to the next group and/or the MS Society.

Timeline Phase VIII.png

Timeline Phase VIII.png

The following are the team's individual 3-week plans for the next phase as well as the activities accomplished during the past phase:

Mallory Wingate, Jared Raphael, Ben Spangler, Crystal Mendoza Paulin, and Alyssa Lorczak.

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