P16013: Body Cooling System

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

Our project does not require filing for a provisional or non-provisional patent.

Standards and Practices

The device featured in this project is essentially meant to be a lightweight piece of clothing. As such, there are no engineering standards that apply to this project. However, the device is meant to be used for medical purpose and thus falls under Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. Therefore the team was certain to use only cooling products (phase change materials) that were FDA approved. The use of phase change materials in vests and other cooling garments are also approved for human use by the FDA.

Team Members and Roles

Mallory Wingate (Biomedical Engineer, Project Manager)

I am a fifth year Biomedical Engineering student with previous experience in medical device development. I worked as a New Product Development Engineering Co-op at Zimmer Biomet TMT where I worked on the design and development of a new orthopedic implant system. I was involved in all stages of product development and the design control process including the design of implants and instruments as well as risk management. I have also worked as an intern at Integrated Nano-Technologies where I worked on the development and testing of a hand-held lab system for use in the field to detect the presence of pathogens in blood samples.

Benjamin Spangler (Mechanical Engineer, Lead Engineer)

I am a fifth year Mechanical Engineering Major and Army ROTC Cadet with experience in manufacturing, testing, and HVAC controls. I spent time working in Remington Arms' R&D Labs designing and testing firearms as well as manufacturing engineering. I also co oped at Johnson Controls and was exposed to many facets of HVAC Engineering and controls including controls maintenance, chiller and AHU installation, and overall system design.

Alyssa Lorczak (Biomedical Engineer, Financial Manager)

I am a fifth year Biomedical Engineering student with previous experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I worked as a co-op in the Downstream Purification department of Manufacturing at Genzyme. My main project goals were to create a process overview document to be used by all employees, as well as lead the development of a new onboarding program. I have also worked at Sanofi Pasteur in Manufacturing Technology producing the seasonal flu vaccine and performing experiments for the redesign of vaccine processes.

Crystal Mendoza Paulin (Biomedical Engineer, Communications)

I am a fifth year Biomedical Engineering student with previous experience in engineering consultation. I spent a co-op semester working in a collaborative effort between RIT and Nazareth College's department of physical therapy. My primary goal was to observe and identify problems that could be solved by RIT's engineering expertise. Consulting for medical settings was immensely educational, so I consulted for another two co-op semesters for Al Sigl's Community of Agencies. The collaborative effort from RIT had expanded to include the Saunders College of Business and the Industrial Design department. I'm very proud to have had a hand in identifying this project and to have previous experience with all parties involved.

Jared Raphael (Industrial and Systems Engineer, Quality Manager)

I am a fifth year Industrial and Systems Engineering student with previous experience in manufacturing. For co-op, I worked in the Agricultural Industry at Oxbo International where I was a Process Improvement Specialist. My main duties involved working with the CI team on various continuous improvement projects as well as designing fixtures for weld and assembly.

Conferences and Awards

Tiger Tank (10/23/15)

Al Sigl Community WalkAbout (10/25/15)

Effective Access Technology Conference (EATC) (11/10/15)

Innovative Effective Access Technology Product Competition


Team Values and Norms



Project Plans & Schedules

A Project Timeline has been developed for the project in order to keep the team on track to meet deadlines as well as allocate resources to ensure the timely delivery of all tasks. The following is the 3-week schedule for Phase II: Systems Design (Weeks 4-6).

Timeline Weeks 4-6

Timeline Weeks 4-6

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

For the full risk management document, click here.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Meeting Minutes

Weekly Updates

MS Patients

Subject Matter Experts


Project Reviews


Problem Definition Review

Systems Level Design Review

Subsystem Design Review

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