P16013: Body Cooling System

Preliminary Detailed Design

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Please refer to the Detailed Design Documents directory for additional and original documents from this phase.

Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

The Body Cooling System team planned on completing three sets of tasks during this phase: action items from the Subsystem Design Review, all assignments listed in the Preliminary Detailed Design node, and deliverables for the end of MSD I. All tasks were completed or will be completed in a later phase. See below for specific tasks.

Action Items

Preliminary Detailed Design Tasks

Please see "Plans for Next Phase" section for deliverables for the end of MSD I.



ThermaBelt with pocketsThermaBelt


ThermaCollar FrontThermaCollar PocketsThermaCollar SideThermaCollar Back


ThermaSeat 1ThermaSeat 2

PCM Consideration

PureTemp 23

NexoTherm PCM

Materials Consideration for Prototypes

Inside layer: moisture management

Outside layer: insulative and lightweight

Continuing research on materials for both applications and working with FieldTex on initial materials so that they can be tested

FieldTex Collaboration

Background Information


public/Photo Gallery/FieldTex Proposal.PNG

Initial Testing

Test Setup

test setup

Preliminary Data

Ice Test

Test 1 - Ice

Test 1 - Ice

PCM Test

Test 2 - PCM

Test 2 - PCM

Bill of Materials (BOM)

You can find our updated BOM spreadsheet here.

Test Plans

S5 Test PlanS10 Test Plan

You can find our current test plan document here.

Risk Assessment

For the full risk management document, click here.

Design Review Materials

For the Preliminary Detailed Design Review presentation, click here.

Plans for next phase

Detailed Design Phase Deliverables

Complete Design Process - 12/9

Preliminary Testing - 12/8

MSD II Planning - 12/8

Ongoing updates - 12/9


The timeline below details these tasks in depth and allocates each task to a team member to ensure that all tasks will be completed before the next design review.

Click on the timeline below to see it larger or click here to see the Phase IV timeline document.

MSD I Deliverables - Status Update

Completed test apparatus design

Critical path:

Preliminary testing completed and data collected

Critical path:

Materials ordered and received

Critical path:

IRB Approval forms completed and submitted

Critical path:

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