P16013: Body Cooling System

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

During the Problem Definition Phase, the team goals were to understand the problem while reviewing and refining the customer needs and developing engineering requirements for the project. The customer requirements and engineering requirements have been defined after meeting with both the Industrial Design Team and MS Patients. A timeline has also been developed to track progress through MSD I and adherence to this will keep the project on track. The Industrial Design Team also has a timeline for the development of the cooling garment which will drive the collaboration between the teams.

Project Summary

MS patients can be adversely affected by heat; they fatigue more quickly and their symptoms become more pronounced. There are a variety of body vests and accessories, but they are not ideal. Most of these products are bulky, short-lived and unfashionable making them unpopular with MS patients. A phase change material with potential for a cooling system design has been identified but needs further investigation and optimization to be used in this context.

The goals for this project are to analyze and optimize the phase change material in the body cooling application and to determine the feasibility for use. A testing apparatus will be designed to test different garments and body locations to determine the ideal cooling parameters. The end result will be a functional prototype that has been tested and found to provide the most efficient method of cooling. This system also has other potential applications including for the military, athletes, and construction workers, among others. The current constraints on this project are the budget and accelerated timeline.

Use Cases

public/Photo Gallery/Use Cases MSD I FlowChart.png public/Photo Gallery/Test Rig Use Case.PNG

Use cases for the cooling system and test rig, respectively.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

The goals of this project are two-fold and will be a combined effort between the Industrial Design Team and the MSD Engineering Team. Initially, a body-cooling device for use by MS patients will be developed. In conjunction, a test rig will be developed to test and optimize the parameters of the cooling device and allow for future testing of body-cooling devices.

By the end of the project, we will have a tested body-cooling prototype as well as a proven test rig.

Customer Requirements

For the Customer Requirements document, click here.

Engineering Requirements

For the Engineering Requirements document, click here.


At this time, the main constraints are the budget of $3000, the time-frame of 32 weeks, and the cooling method of PCM. The device also needs to be safe to use and affordable.

House of Quality

public/Photo Gallery/HOQ.png
For the House of Quality document, click here.

Design Review Materials

For the Design Review I Presentation, click here.

Plans for next phase

In Phase II, we will progress through the Risk Management Plan as well as start Engineering Analysis for the test rig. The following timeline shows the tasks and resources that will be completed to meet these goals.
Timeline Weeks 4-6

Timeline Weeks 4-6

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