P16029: Robofish 3.2 - Object Retrieval

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this phase we identified key items that still need to be addressed from MSD I before construction and testing of the Robofish can begin. Through collaboration with team P16229, the details of both the jaw and tail need to be finalized and components need to be ordered for each subsystem. We have created preliminary test plans for each of our engineering requirments and assembled a schedule for the next three weeks.

Test Plan Summary

Because we are collaborating closely with team P16229 on this project, we have combined our customer and engineering requirements into a single document. Test plans were then created for each of the engineering requirements. This joint document can be downloaded here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Design Review Materials

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Plans for next phase

For the next three weeks, our plan is to focus on finalizing the last details of the Robofish design and acquiring all the remaining components. Towards the end of the three weeks we will construct the different subsystems and begin to assemble the Robofish.

Construction Flowchart

The following flowchart shows the remaining tasks that must be accomplished in order to assemble the Robofish. After this point, we will be able to start testing the complex interactions between the subsystems.

Construction Flowchart

Construction Flowchart

3-Week Schedule

Based on the above flowchart, we created a schedule of important tasks that will allow us to start the assembly of the Robofish by the end of the next three weeks.

3-Week Schedule

3-Week Schedule

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