P16029: Robofish 3.2 - Object Retrieval

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer

The goal for this phase was to complete the construction and electrical integration of all the subsystems so that testing could begin. Unfortunately the integration and waterproofing of key components has been very time consuming and is not yet completed. Remaining items include:

Test Results Summary

The completion of test plans has not started yet.

An up-to-date version of our Requirements and Testing Joint Document can be downloaded here.

Risk Management

An up-to-date version of our Risk Management Document can be downloaded here.

Problem Tracking



The assembled Robofish weighs roughly 24 lbs, which is 4 lbs heavier than what was estimated from the CAD model. This means that it currently sinks even with an empty ballast tank. Additionally, the only arrangement that fit everything in the electronics case required the battery packs to sit off-center. This moves the center of gravity to one side and causes the Robofish to tip sideways when submerged. Fixing this will require the addition of foam blocks positioned in such a way that the Robofish floats level. The quantity of foam will also need to be tuned so that filling the ballast tank still causes the Robofish to sink.


Waterproofing of the Electronics Box

Raised surfaces on the side of the electronics box prevented our cable glands from sitting flat and creating a water-tight seal. These surfaces were milled flat and the cable glands were covered in RTV to ensure the box was properly sealed.

Plans for next phase

The plans for the next phase include the completion of the electrical integration and the tuning of the Robofish's buoyancy so that it floats in an upright position and is capable of sinking and surfacing.

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