P16029: Robofish 3.2 - Object Retrieval

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Members and roles

Denis Dimartino (BME Co-Lead/Purchasing):

Provide mechanical teams with design approach that will improve functionality and efficiency. As well as, review any purchasing and finalize it while keep track of the fund.

Jessa Dermitt (BME Co-Lead/Mediator):

Provide mechanical teams with design approach that will improve functionality and efficiency. As well as, provide efficient communication between each team members to achieve optimal team functionality.

Matthew Ballerini (Mechanical Anaylysis & Test Lead):

Member of the mechanical team tasked with testing vital components and analyze them while creating data regarding those components for optimal mechanical design.

Matt Hube (Mechanical Design Lead):

Lead of the mechanical team tasked with efficient mechanical design not limited to: CAD design, mechanics, statics and etc.

Steven Smith (Project Manager):

Provide direction and guidance to the team while bringing two different Robofish team together as well as bringing each lead's decisions together..

Tae-ho(Teddy) Kang (Systems Lead):

Provide what kind of approach needs to be performed from an electronics standpoint. Facilitates signals from sensors to McKibben muscle valves to complete its task while contributing to electrical team.

Tyler Dao (Electronics Lead):

Lead of the electrical team make decisions regarding electronic components of the system but not limited to: Sensors, batteries, micro-controller and etc.

Team Values and Norms






Project Plans & Schedules


Ensure timely delivery of all required work products, identify prerequisite tasks with owners, ensure special resource needs are met.

Project Plan


Risk Assessment and Growth Curves


Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Not applicable until Phase 2

Peer Reviews


Provide feedback that enables improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of individuals and the whole team.

Inputs and Source

  1. Team members.
  2. Template and Example.
  3. Reference doc.
  4. Guide.

Outputs and Destination

Review form that is shared with Guide at the end of each cycle.

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