P16041: Smart Walker IV

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Phase Goals and Accomplishments


Date Person Interviewed Role Questions and Responses
February 10, 2016 David Malanga Smart Walker III EE Notes
February 23, 2016 Kailee Polimeni Smart Walker III ME Notes

Functional Decomposition


Systems Architecture

High Level Block Diagram

public/Photo Gallery/BlockDiagram.png

High Level Schematic

public/Photo Gallery/Schematic.png

Current Design Analysis

Clutch System

Seat Load Cell Uses


Overall System

Prototype/Model Functions
Smart Walker IV Measure vitals, Fall detection, Autonomous navigation, bed sore prediction
Siemens C-Walker Assist user movement, Obstacle avoidance, High level mapping software
FlexiForce Walker Diagnosing muscle or nerve problems based on changes in grip strength
VTT IoT Walker
  • Log user activities such as distance, speed, grip, duration, etc.
  • Notifies system if drastic changes occur

Heart Rate Detection

Detection Method Accuracy Ease of Measurement Lighting Skin Tone Distance From Camera Measurable Range
Camera Unknown Unknown Unknown Any Unknown Unknown
Metal Hand Sensors ±1 bpm Hold handles n/a n/a n/a 40-240 bpm

BMI Sensor

Measurement Method Accuracy Technical Concerns Medical Relevance
Metal Handles ~4% error Very specific measurement position, see image below Debatable usefulness

Recommended Measurement Position for Accurate Results



Device Release Date Processor Architecture Cores, Speed Memory I2C, SPI, GPIO? Cost Notes
PandaBoard ES 2011 OMAP4460 ARM Cortex A9 2, 1.2GHz 1GB LPDDR2 Yes, Yes, Yes ~$182 Currently on SWIII
Raspberry Pi 2-B 2015 BCM2836 ARM Cortex A7 4, 900MHz 1GB LPDDR2 Yes, Yes, Yes ~$40
Raspberry Pi 3-B 2016 BCM2837 ARM Cortex A53 4, 1.2GHz 1GB LPDDR2 Yes, Yes, Yes ~$40 Just released, potential alternative
Intel Galileo Gen. 2 2014 Quark X1000 P54C/i586 1, 400MHz 256MB No, No, Yes ~$80 Underpowered, too little I/O
Intel NUC 2015 Core i7-5557U Intel x86 2, 3.1GHz Up to 16GB No, No, No ~$400-500 Expensive, too little I/O
ODROID-XU4 2015 Exynos5422 ARM Cortex A15 4, 2GHz 2GB LPDDR3 Yes, Yes, Yes ~$74 High power consumption
BeagleBone Black 2013 AM3359 ARM Cortex A8 1, 1GHz 512 MB DDR3L Yes, Yes, Yes ~$55

Risk Assessment

To view the updated document, see Risk Assessment.

Plans for next phase


Heart Rate Detection

For a basic description of how heart rate measurement works with metal handles, see information here.

To see the research on the camera based method developed by MIT, see the article here.

To see some numerical data on handle based heart rate detection, see the data for this product.

BMI Sensor

For a basic description of how BMI measurement works, see this information.

To see the top 5 most accurate BMI measurement methods, see this article.

To see the type of device used by the Smart Walker IV, see data here.

To read up on what BMI is and what it can be used for, see the data here and here.

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