P16051: Robotic Eye Motion Simulator 2

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision

In proceeding with the action items left off from the Gate Review, the following items have been completed.

Updated Customer and Engineering Requirements

The customer and engineering updates have been updated yet again to reflect the realistic goals and scope of this project.

Customer Requirements

public/Photo%20Gallery/Customer Requirements 2-3-2016.png

Engineering Requirements

public/Photo%20Gallery/Engineering Requirements 2-3-2016.png

Project Timeline

The overall project timeline for MSD II has been updated since our past gate review and it can be viewed here.

Meetings with Topic Specialists

Abe Amirana

Dr. Boedo

Belt and Pulley Concept

According to Abe from Teknic Motors, a potential alternative concept to the four bar linkage would be a less complex belt and pulley system, using materials similar to timing belts in vehicles.

A sketch of what the belt and pulley system might look like is shown below.


Another sketch of the concept is shown below, this time from a top-down view.


Below is an up-close visual of how the belt interfaces with the pulleys, using gear-like teeth.


The team compared the four bar linkage concept to the belt and pulley concept, and developed the following list of pros and cons for replacing the four bar linkage with the belt and pulley system altogether:

Belt and Pulley Concept
Pros Cons
  • Easier to implement, and a less complex system
  • Simpler process for optimization of system
  • Linear angular velocity relationship between output and input
  • Fewer moving parts to deform
  • Need to determine new method for interfacing pulleys with motor shaft and eye shaft
  • Added time to project due to significant design change
Four Bar Linkage Concept
Pros Cons
  • System has already been researched and designed with optimal sizes determined
  • More moving parts at high velocities/accelerations, likely leading to deformation
  • More complex system
  • Best improvements in resolution found on outer edges of eye's range of motion
  • More bearings needed for linkage joints - small, high precision needed
  • Irregularly-shaped base likely needed

Test Plans

Test plans were created for each of the necessary customer and engineering requirements. Any concepts or features which need to be tested have a test plan. This can be seen in the overall test plan which relates the engineering requirements to the test plans below. In addition to this, preliminary test plans have been successfully performed with the pairing and interface of the motor, power supply, Arduino, and computer.
Mechanical Test Plans Electrical Test Plans















Risk Tracking


Problem Tracking


Bill of Materials


Plans for Next Phase

As a team we have decided that in the next three weeks our goals are:

As an individual on this team, these are our personal objectives to reach the common goals above

Design Review Materials

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