P16051: Robotic Eye Motion Simulator 2

Final Gate Review

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Team Vision

Here is a list of items we have accomplished since our last meeting:

- presented at Imagine RIT

- printed two final posters

- handed in our final paper

- completed testing

- accepted the Eugene H. Fram award

- completed the calibration unit

- wrote a user handbook

- created a robust system

Final Device Assembly

The image below shows the final assembly of the device. The user manual explains in detail how to assemble the device, if this is ever needed.


Test Plans

Test plans were created for each of the necessary customer and engineering requirements. Any concepts or features which need to be tested have a test plan. This can be seen in the overall test plan which relates the engineering requirements to the test plans below. In addition to this, preliminary test plans have been successfully performed with the pairing and interface of the motor, power supply, Arduino, and computer.
Mechanical Test Results Electrical Test Results















Based on the data acquired from all of our testing, we can conclude that our device came reasonably close to the performance specifications as originally determined in the engineering requirements. Although accuracy met the specification, the systems resolution fell just short of the marginal value. However, we knew this might happen due to our budget constraints when picking a motor and although we improved the resolution through the belt and pulley system, it wasn't enough of an improvement. The velocity and acceleration were also unable to meet the originally stated specifications, although the velocity did meet the marginal value. Repeatability of velocity and acceleration were also not met, this could be attributed to inconsistencies within the system and the measurement technique.

Bill of Materials

Download the Bill of Materials

Problem Tracking


Product Documentation

The user manual has entered its final version as the project comes to a close. The document contains everything the user needs to set up the device both hardware and software wise. Further explanation on how to assemble the device has been added.

The User Guide Revision 5-12-2016 can be downloaded below.


The complete Robotic Eye software package can be downloaded below.


Final Technical Paper & Poster


Final Notes

Here is our presentation

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