P16051: Robotic Eye Motion Simulator 2


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An eye tracker is a device that tracks human eye movement and estimates gaze position. There is currently no standardized test method for evaluating the quality of data collected from eye trackers. A robotic eye that imitates human eye movement would eliminate biological variance and establish a standard of quality for eye trackers.

The goal of this project is to develop a robotic eye to mimic human eye movement such as smooth, pursuit, saccade, torsional movement, and blinking. The robotic eye needs to be compatible with a variety of eye trackers, accept data from Python, and be user friendly. This device will be used as a standard in order to observe and measure the accuracy of eye trackers.

P16051 is a continuation of P15051

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Project Name
Robotic Eye Motion Simulator, Phase II
Project Number
Project Family
Biomedical Systems and Technologies
Start Term
2151 (Fall 2015)
End Term
2155 (Spring 2016)
Faculty Guide
Susan Farnand, CIS
Primary Customer
Dong Wang, CIS PhD Student
Sponsor (financial support)

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Team Members

Left to Right: Amy Zeller, Josh Long, Jordan Blandford, Peter Cho, Nathan Twichel

Left to Right: Amy Zeller, Josh Long, Jordan Blandford, Peter Cho, Nathan Twichel

Member Field Role Contact
Joshua Long Mechanical Engineer Facilitator jjl5883@rit.edu
Nathan Twichel Biomedical Engineer Procurement Advisor ngt4584@rit.edu
Amy Zeller Biomedical Engineer Project Manager amz8073@rit.edu
Peter Cho Electrical Engineer Engineering Coordinator pjc4369@rit.edu
Jordan Blandford Mechanical Engineer Chief Engineer jpb6438@rit.edu


We would like to thank the following people, who have donated a considerable amount of their time to ensure the success of our project.
Susan Farnand
Dong Wang
Jeff Pelz
Abe Amirana
Ed Hanzlik

Table of Contents

Planning & Execution Problem Definition Systems Design Subsystem Design Preliminary Detailed Design Detailed Design Gate Reviews
Build & Test Prep Subsystem Build & Test Integrated System Build & Test Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo Verification & Validation Final Gate Review

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