P16051: Robotic Eye Motion Simulator 2

Planning & Execution

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Team Member Information & Project Roles

Joshua Long | Mechanical Engineer
Nathan Twichel | Biomedical Engineer
Procurement Advisor
Amy Zeller | Biomedical Engineer
Project Manager | Presentation Manager
Peter Cho | Electrical Engineer
Engineering Coordinator | EDGE Maintainer
Jordan Blandford | Mechanical Engineer
Chief Engineer | EDGE Maintainer

Values & Norms

What are the expectations for team behavior?
  • Members will remain committed to the project.
  • Members will be punctual, on the hour, and attend team meetings.
  • Members will communicate both often and effectively.
  • Members will seek to complete work on time and notify the team ahead of time when deadlines can't be met. Ahead of time is defined at the very latest the day before the deadline.
How will roles and responsibilities be distributed?
  • Roles are assigned based on each members strengths and preferences.
  • Weekly Friday meetings will be held at 5pm in the Institute Hall Recitation Room to assess project status and divide work for the upcoming week.
How will the team make decisions?
  • Major decisions will be made during class time to ensure all members and the guide are present.
  • General consensus will be used as well as voting.
  • Matters of expertise are delegated to members with the most experience in that field. The member will inform the team what he/she believes is the best way forward and explain to the teams why and how they reached that conclusion. If nobody is able to make an informed decision, further help from the guide will be sought.
How will the team communicate with one another?
  • The team will meet Tuesday and Thursday during class and once outside of class on Friday. Additional meetings outside of class will be held as the need arises.
  • The team will communicate primarily via email. The entire team will be CC'ed on any communications pertaining to the project so all members can remain up to date. The phone will be used a secondary form of communication, primarily when a more immediate response is needed.
How will the team manage documents and files?
  • EDGE will be used for documents in or very near their final state.
  • For documents that are a work in progress, a shared Google Drive folder has been created.
  • Shared Google Drive folder will be kept organized with a similar file hierarchy to the Edge svn.
  • Outdated files will be marked in the Edge svn by moving them into the folder labeled Old.
  • The file naming convention will include the name of the document and the date it was last edited so it will be obvious which is the most recent version.
How will the team communicate with our guide?
  • The team will primarily communicate with the guide during class time and via email if immediate response is needed.
  • The team project manager, Amy, will be the primary contact so that guide has one direct avenue to relay info to.
How will the team communicate with the customer?
  • Customer communication will occur via email outside of class and by arranged meetings if necessary.
  • The project manager, Amy, will spearhead customer contact in order to simplify the communication chain. Team members will be CC'ed on all communications to remain up to date.
  • The customer will be encouraged to attend all Phase Reviews. The team will strive to accommodate their schedule to ensure their ability to attend.
  • Customers will be given the teams EDGE page address so that they may monitor project progress.
What are the expectations for assigned tasks?
  • Team members should remain accountable for their own work as well as helping others when possible.
  • If work is delayed or unfinished, the team should be notified. The team will come together to determine the best way to achieve the task at hand.
  • Honesty and ethical behavior is expected. KGCOE Honor Principles should always be followed. Credit should be given whenever outside sources are utilized.
How will the team manage conflicts?
  • The team will discuss the conflict as a group and move forward only when a solution has been reached. Solutions will be enacted by a team consensus. If team consensus cannot be reached, the guide will then step into the discussions.

At the end of each 3-week phase, each Team member will conduct a Peer Evaluation. Categories for the Peer Evaluation have been decided and refined based on the Team's Values & Norms. A template for the Peer Evaluation can be found here.

Team Objective


Group Priorities

Team Meetings

This section is updated on a weekly basis depending on what was accomplished during the team meetings.
Date Topic Present Comments
September 10th, 2015 Phase I: Week 3 Review Full Team + Susan + Dong Changes to our documents were noted from the review. Important tips and critiques noted.
September 15th, 2015 Class TBD TBD
September 15th, 2015 4:00PM Meeting TBD TBD
September 17th, 2015 Class TBD TBD
September 22nd, 2015 Class TBD TBD
September 22nd, 2015 4:00PM Meeting TBD TBD

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