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Subsystem Design

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Team Vision for Subsystem-Level Design Phase


Our goal of the subsystem design phase was to focus on the most critical aspect of the design, the motors.


Our team was able to finish motor benchmarking and compile a list of four different concepts with different motor options. These concepts were then complied into a spreadsheet where they were compared to what engineering requirements each one would meet, as well as a preliminary BOM for each concept. We were also able to come up with a preliminary electronics design, and narrow down our microcontroller list.

Three Week Plan

public/Photo Gallery/10_21_15_subsystem_three_week_plan_snip.PNG

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

Motor Benchmarking

Linear Actuators

public/Photo Gallery/MotorBench_SubSys_Linear_10_20_15.JPG

Rotational Motors

public/Photo Gallery/MotorBench_SubSys_Rot_10_20_15.JPG

All motors in the optimal and marginal selections meet engineering requirements for resolution and torque. These motors may not meet requirements of velocity and/or cost. The prices reported do not include required controllers, but the bill of materials does include these required controllers.

Required Motor Specifications

public/Photo Gallery/10_21_15_motor_specs_1.PNG public/Photo Gallery/10_21_15_motor_specs_2.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/10_21_15_motor_specs_3.PNG

Calculations of Moment of Inertia - 2D Linear Actuators

public/Photo Gallery/Inertia_2D_Horiz_Linear.PNG public/Photo Gallery/Inertia_2D_Vert_Linear.PNG

Calculations of Moment of Inertia - 2D Rotational Motors

public/Photo Gallery/Inertia_2D_Horiz_Rotational.PNG public/Photo Gallery/Inertia_2D_Vert_Rotational.PNG

Calculations of Moment of Inertia - 1D Linear Actuators

public/Photo Gallery/Inertia_1D_Linear.PNG

Calculations of Moment of Inertia - 1D Rotational Motors

public/Photo Gallery/Inertia_1D_Rotational.PNG

Moment of Inertia - Calculated Values

public/Photo Gallery/Inertia_Calcs_Excel.PNG

Electrical Design

In determining the layout of the electrical design, a broad level view was taken and elaborated on. There were 3 possible options in setting up the motor and each has a potential subsystem. Option 1 utilizes only a microcontroller which in turn controls the motor via a voltage regulator such as in Alpha Team's original design. This isn't necessarily practical for motors of extreme accuracy and thus Options 2 and 3 contain motor controllers from their respective companies. The microcontroller can either connect to the motor controller such as in Option 2 or be completely bypassed such as in Option 3. Option 2 retains the standalone aspect of the design, as the microcontroller/microcomputer can be powered and utilized independently of a desktop computer while still controlling the motor controller and motor. public/Subsystem Design Documents/Electrical/EE.png public/Subsystem Design Documents/Electrical/EE2.png

The method of communication used will be primarily serial using either USB or RS232. Of the top candidate motors that have been benchmarked, many recommend or require their own motor controller to achieve maximum motor performance. These motor controllers also offer their own programmable software which can connect to a microcontroller/microcomputer via RS232 or USB respectively. Further design details will be created once a design choice has been made.

4 Options and Bill of Materials (BOM)

The four concepts include:

public/Photo Gallery/4_Options_10_22_15.PNG

These are the Bills of Materials for different concepts.

public/Photo Gallery/BOM_SubSys_2D_Linear_10_20_15.JPG public/Photo Gallery/BOM_SubSys_1D_Linear_10_20_15.JPG

public/Photo Gallery/BOM_SubSys_2D_Rotational_10_20_15.JPG public/Photo Gallery/BOM_SubSys_1D_Rot_10_20_15.JPG

Risk Assessment

public/Photo Gallery/subsystem_design_risk_doc.PNG

Please click the image to get a bigger view.

Design Review Materials

Links for:

Plans for next phase

3 week plan here!

Subject Matter Experts

Who We Met With What We Talked About

Dr. Lam

Dr. Kempski

Dr. Schertzer

Dr. Lamkin-Kennard

Dr. Schrlau

Discussed servo motors, and referred us to Dr.Kempski.

Gave us a few names of companies, and a book all about motors.

Mentioned a piezo stack and the Iron Triangle.

Mentioned New Scale Technologies, in Victor NY.

Gave us previous MSD teams EDGE pages to look at.

We would like to acknowledge the time taken out of each Subject Matter Expert's busy schedule to talk to us, thank you.

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