P16061: e-NABLE Hand Test Rig

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Apparatus Modification

Arduino & Button Integration


Dowel Fitting

The dowel of our strain gauge began to shift during our test, so an indent was made in it using a rotary tool. This indent was made to be the same dimensions as the strain gauge and effectively prevented the side-to-side movement of the dowel.


Strain Gauge Orientation

The one major change to our testing apparatus was the change in orientation of the strain gauge. Previously, the prosthetic hand had to wrap its fingers around the dowel before it could begin to exert any force on it. This resulted in meaningless data points. By rotating the strain gauge 90 degrees, the fingers of the hand can be positioned directly against the dowel rather than curling around it. This new design reduces the number of data points showing zero force exerted.


Test Results Summary

Inputs & Source

Outputs & Destination

Risk and Problem Tracking

Final Project Documentation

Functional Demo Materials

Plans for Wrap-up

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