P16061: e-NABLE Hand Test Rig

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer

Test Results Summary

The test plan designed by our team can be viewed here.

The testing we were able to accomplish included angle accuracy and strain gauge measurement. The results of these tests can be seen below.

The angle measurement test was performed by programming the stepper motor to move a specific number of degrees. The actual value was measured with a protractor.


The average error for the angle was 0.4 degrees based on the 5 angles measured. This is well below the target error of +/- 2 degrees. This test proved that the angle the motor is set to move the hand will be correct.

The strain gauge measurement test consisted of hanging a standardized weight from the gauge, and recording its output readings.

Our test setup can be seen below, where we suspended the strain gauge between two desks and hung weights from a zip-tie attached to it.


The mass measured by the strain gauge, and the actual mass used is arranaged below.


It was determined that the average error when tested at 5 different weights was 0.028 which was below the target error of +/-1. This test proved that the accurate force will be outputted by the device.

Apparatus Assembly

Our progress in assembling the final apparatus can be seen below.


The desired input by the stepper motor and hand prosthetic can be viewed in the following video here.


A universal mounting hub was bought for use on the stepper motor. This was done to prevent the drilling and threading that was previously necessary to use the motor for our apparatus. The addition of this piece will reduce the amount of slipping in the motor assembly, and will eliminate the need to modify the motor for other people following our user guide.

It is placed on top of the stepper motor's shaft, and is held in place by tightening the screw.


Risk and Problem Tracking

Plans for next phase


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