P16061: e-NABLE Hand Test Rig

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

Project Summary

Two years ago, a research scientist and the director of the MAGIC ACT initiative at RIT, Jon Schull, saw a Youtube video of two men that connected to make a 3D prosthetic hand for a little boy in South Africa. The Google+ community, called e-NABLE, was born from Schull’s idea that many people would benefit from and/or become aware of the movement of creating 3D printed prosthetic hands for people in need. Fast forward two years and most of the focus had been on the different hand designs themselves. As an Independant Study, David Schwartz developed a prototype of a grip strength testing apparatus that is to be used to compare models and methods of the hands. The prototype functions, but lacks some of the amenities that are desired for the final design.

The goal of this project is to improve upon the prototype Schwartz created during his Independent Study. The expected end result should be able to be replicated, most importantly because of the nature of the e-NABLE community; being made up of volunteers around the globe. Other improvements include automation, continuous data acquisition, “sweep” of angles and forces being tested, adaptable to other types/models of hands, and can measure grip force as a function of input force and of finger position. Ideally, the resulting apparatus needs to be easy to use, portable and cost effective enough to be replicated by different e-NABLE volunteers.

Use Scenario

This is the desired end state for the testing apparatus. It allows e-NABLE users to receive immediate, quantifiable feedback on their prosthetic designs.

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Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Deliver an apparatus that is:

Customer Requirements (Needs)

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Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

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House of Quality

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Risk Management

Link to Risk Assessment Excel Spreadsheet

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Design Review Materials

Project Plan

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