P16080: Heart Pump

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this phase, the team hoped to:

To see all documents, please see our Detailed Design Documents and our MSD2 Build & Test repositories

Updates from MSD I

Design Changes

Voltage to Amperage Converter

In order to power certain controls devices using our DAQ device, voltage outputs needed to be converted to amperage.

Safety Release Valves

Safety release valves were included in design to mitigate over pressurization risks

Confirmed end cap sealing

At the beginning of MSD II, quarter turn end caps were considered as a new design change in order to more easily seal the ends of the heart chamber. However, the team decided to stick with the threaded rods, as they also serve as a way to seal the diaphragm in place, along with sealing the end caps

New three way valve

The original three way valve for this design was donated from RIT FMS, however, the voltage requirement to power it was too high (120V). Therefore, a much more feasible three way valve was chosen. See the new three way valve spec sheet here

Confirmed & Purchased Diaphragm

Since the design change to the use of a rolling diaphragm came late in MSD I, a proper supplier was never identified & finalized until the beginning of MSD II. Previous companies had been reached out to, however, they were either unable to supply the specific design we needed, or at an affordable price range. Finally, an affordable option was purchased from Bellofram Corporation at $50 a piece.

Diaphragm Dimensions:

To see the diaphragm drawing, click here

public/MSD2 Build & Test/BelloframDiaphragmDrawing.png

BOM & Budget

Updated BOM, revision #5

Updated BOM, revision #5

Notable changes

See the live excel document here

Risks, Test Plans

See the information below on detailed updates to test plans & risk analysis

Test Plan Summary

General Test Plans

Small portion of updated general testing plan, revision 4

Small portion of updated general testing plan, revision 4

To see entire list of test plans, please see a link to the live excel document here

Detailed Test Plans

Created and managed by parts specialist Dusty Schroeder, detailed test plans allow a more in depth look at the exact procedures, parts, and software required for satisfactory test completion & evaluation.


Created During MSD II (this cycle)

Risk and Problem Tracking

Updated Risk management, R6

Updated Risk management, R6

View the live excel document of our Risk Management here

Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

A schedule was created to guide our team through MSD II Build & Test.

Phase 6 Gantt Chart

Phase 6 Gantt Chart

To see the full document, click here

To see full length MSD II Plan, see MSD II General Schedule, Revision 1 (subject to changes as project advances)

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