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A Mechanical Heart Model (MHM) is a device that allows for the simulation of human heart function without biologic restraints. As it currently stands, students in BIME 492 are forced to use themselves as subjects when experimenting with heart function. A MHM will allow these students to physically study the heart under different conditions. This allows for the students to gain a more solid foundation in understanding basic heart function. Current MHM devices are too expensive and complex for use by these students.

The goals of this project are to explore currently marketed MHM devices. Specifically, we will attempt to better cost efficiency and operational simplicity, as well as a design that clearly displays heart subsystem function to the user. The expected result is a practical prototype that can model various blood flows of a human heart, with the eventual goal of being reproducible and used in RIT BIME labs. This prototype design must adhere to current RIT BIME lab resources and needs.

For more detailed information on our project, see our Project Readiness Package

Human Heart

Human Heart

Project Name

Circulatory System Model: Heart Pump

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Project Family

Biomedical Engineering

Start Term

2151 (Fall 2015)

End Term

2155 (Spring 2016)

Faculty Guide

Name: Gerry Garavuso
Contact: gxgddm@rit.edu

Primary Customer

Name: Jennifer Bailey
Contact: jlbbme@rit.edu

Sponsor & Financial Support

Sponsor: RIT Biomedical Engineering
Budget: ~$700
BIME Department

BIME Department

Team Members

Team members (left to right): Nicole Rotondo, Abe Rodriguez, Matt Olsen, James Erb, Dustin Schroeder

Team members (left to right): Nicole Rotondo, Abe Rodriguez, Matt Olsen, James Erb, Dustin Schroeder

Member Role Contact
Matt Olsen Project Manager, DAQ Engineer mso2219@rit.edu
James Erb Website Manager & Hydraulics Engineer jre9396@rit.edu
Nicole Rotondo CAD Engineer nmr6537@rit.edu
Dustin Schroeder Lead BIME & Parts Specialist djs8935@rit.edu
Abe Rodriguez Lead Engineer (Pneumatics) awr5092@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution Problem Definition Systems Design Subsystem Design Preliminary Detailed Design Detailed Design

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Bill of Materials

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Design & Flow Charts

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Design Review Materials

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Build & Test Prep Subsystem Build & Test Integrated System Build & Test Customer Demo Customer Handoff

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SME Feedback

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