P16080: Heart Pump

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

SME Feedback

In order to better understand labview & controls wiring, (see the Updated Pneumatic System Schematic) the team met with Dr. John Wellin of the Mechanical Engineering department & Dr. George Slack of the Electrical Engineering Department


Dr. Wellin has much experience and understanding with Labview programming, which is the program used for the pneumatic controls. The system will be controlled based off of sensor & manual student inputs. The notes from the meeting minutes with Dr. Wellin are listed below.

Controls Wiring

Since the team lacked an electrical engineer, or anyone with high levels of electrical engineering experience, input was desired from someone with a much higher understanding than that of any of our team members. The main purpose of the meeting with Dr. Slack was to verify the feasibility of the current controls design and to gain ideas for part purchases.

Special thanks to Dr. Wellin & Dr. Slack for their time and feedback on this subject

Ordered / Acquired Parts

During this phase, calculations required to confirm part specifications were confirmed, allowing the team to order several parts. Below is a table of several parts acquired, however, many others have also been ordered. Over 80% of all parts have been ordered or acquired, as seen in our Updated Bill of Materials
Part Photo Notes
Chamber Spring public/Photo Gallery/Parts/Springs.JPG McMaster Carr, Stainless steel. further testing to confirm k value, length
Diaphragm public/Photo Gallery/Parts/BelloframDiaphragm.JPG Bellofram Diaphragm. (2) total, $50 each
Power Supply public/Photo Gallery/Parts/PowerSupply.JPG Ablegrid 12V power supply
Acrylic Tubing public/Photo Gallery/Parts/AcrylicTubing.jpg Chamber tubing, to be fitted with aluminum end caps

Testing Summary

The main testing that was conducted this phase was to create a simple, working version of LabView, and to create a detailed test plan for the diaphragm / chamber, and the flow meter for measuring stroke volume. Since critical parts will be arriving next phase, the majority of testing will be completed then.

Ideas for stroke volume measurement were also explored, such as the use of an IR Sensor.

LabView & Controls

Flowmeter Block Relay Control Flowmeter Setup
public/Photo Gallery/LabView & Controls/Flowmeter VI Block.PNG public/Photo Gallery/LabView & Controls/Relay Control VI.PNG public/Photo Gallery/LabView & Controls/Flowmeter Setup.jpg

Risk Management

See the teams updated Risk Management excel document
Updated Risk Management screen shot, R7

Updated Risk Management screen shot, R7

Functional Demo Materials

Plans for next phase

Next Phase Plans

Next Phase Plans

Full Gantt Chart P7 Document

To see full length MSD II Plan, see MSD II General Schedule, Revision 1 (subject to changes as project advances)

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