P16082: Microscope Environmental Chamber

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Test Results Summary

  1. Test Plan
  2. Subsystem fabrication

Outputs & Destination

  1. Test Results
  2. System integration

Risk and Problem Tracking

The primary update in this realm is the power issue. It was discovered that the DAQ has a current limit of 50mA, which makes it incapable to power the solenoid valves. Also, it is unlikely that this will be sufficient for powering purposes. Therefore a transition will be made into using the DAQ to trigger, and using a separate power supply of some kind to power the necessary elements of the project.

Risk documents themselves are located as follows:

public/Project Management/risk and problem management/Risk Growth Curve.PNG

Functional Demo Materials

Plans for next phase

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