P16082: Microscope Environmental Chamber

Preliminary Detailed Design

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Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

During this phase, the team solidified a design for the physical chamber as well as beginning development of the control program in LabVIEW. The chamber was changed slightly, the 4 peltier cells used to heat the water reservoir were moved to a single location and the water reservoir was modified to accommodate this change. Additionally, the bottom plate thickness was decreased from 0.5" to 0.25" and a 0.5" flange for clamping was added around the perimeter. These structural modifications were made in accordance with information gathered from the machine shop.

CAD Drawings













CO2 Vent


Bill of Materials (BOM)

public/Detailed Design Documents/BOM.jpg

Test Plans

This document shows the process that we will under go to show how our design will satisfy all the Engineering Requirements. The developed test plan is arranged chronologically to test all the components that are in the functional decomposition.

Test Plan

This document was last updated on 20 Nov. 2015 for Rev 2, Updated by Akhil Koka

Design and Flowcharts

System and Subsystem Decompositions remain unchanged from the previous cycle.

System Architecture

public/Sub-System Documents/system_architecture_r2.jpg

Sub-System Architecture

public/Sub-System Documents/sub_system_architecture.jpg.jpg


Development of LabVIEW software has begun. LabVIEW uses front/back panel design: front panel is user interface (UI) and back panel is actual code (block diagram format).

Current Front Panel (UI)

public/Photo Gallery/LabView Front Panel 11-17-15.PNG

Current Back Panel (Code)

public/Photo Gallery/LabView Code 11-17-15.PNG

Risk Assessment

Due to increasing size of Risk spreadsheet, an image is not put here (would be too small to read). Below is given the link to the current revision of the Risk Assessment document:

Risk Assessment

Design Review Materials

PDDR Review Presentation

Preliminary Detailed Design Review

Plans for next phase

MSDI Cycle 5 Plan

public/Detailed Design Documents/Cycle 5 Plan.jpg

MSDII Preliminary Plan

public/Detailed Design Documents/MSD2 Plan.jpg

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