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Systems Design

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Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase

During this phase, the team sought to develop a number of concepts for each end function as determined by the finalized customer requirements. These concepts were then arrayed into several preliminary conceptual systems and evaluated by how well they compared to the referenced, existing, device. Upon completion of this evaluation, several conceptual systems were passed through the process and examined further for the possibility of moving forward. Very preliminary, overarching, engineering analysis was then applied to test the feasibility of critical functions of each of these systems.

Functional Decomposition

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Functional_Decomposition_R1.jpg


public/Problem Definition Documents/Benchmarking.jpg

Concept Selection

public/Systems Level Design Documents/ConceptSelection_R3.jpg

Systems Architecture

public/Systems Level Design Documents/system_architecture_r1.jpg

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

public/peltiercelleq.jpg CO2 Tank Feasibility

Mock Up

public/Example.jpg public/isotopopen.jpg




Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Spreadsheet

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Risk_Management_R1.jpg

Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

public/Systems Level Design Documents/Week_7-9_Project_Planning.jpg

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