P16083: Automated Microfluidic Cell Separator

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

The project has the potential to be patent-able but at this time our team will not pursue a patent due to the project being in its early stages.

Team Members and Roles

Jay Dolas (Biomedical Engineer, Lead Engineer)
I am a fifth year Biomedical Engineering Student at Rochester Institute of Technology, I have worked as a research intern developing various genetic diagnostic tests, focusing on SNP analysis and uRNA quantification. I have also worked on projects related to coliform detection in water samples and testing antimicrobial properties. Over the past summer I worked in the Microscale BioSeparartions Lab run by Dr. Lapizco, focusing on separations of biological samples from cell debris and organelles utilizing microfluidics and dielectrophoretics.
Alex La Londe (Biomedical Engineer, Microfluidic Specialist)
I am a fifth year biomedical engineering student at Rochester Institute of Technology. For the last three years I have been working at RITs Microscale BioSeparations Lab run by Dr. Blanca Lapizco. My research focuses in microfluidics and dielectrophoresis. I have a great deal of experience in understanding and manipulating microfluidic systems in under to effectively concentrate, separate, and control both inert and biological particles. I plan to use my past and current experiences to aid my team in creating a functional automated microfluidic device.
Vincent Serianni (Biomedical Engineer, Project Manager)
I am a fifth year Biomedical Engineering student who has previous experience in medical devices. I have worked as a sustainability intern at Greatbatch Medical, focusing on improvement of processes. Additionally, I have experience in fabrication of Orthotic and Prosthetic devices from Hanger Orthotic Group. My most recent and relevant experience has been working as a Systems Integration Engineer at Rheonix Inc. focusing on troubleshooting of the systems, characterizations, optimization of processes, and statistical analysis.
Tyler Lisec (Mechanical Engineer, Lead Mechanical)
I am a fifth year mechanical engineering student who has worked for Vicor Corp. as a failure analysis engineering intern. I focused on finding trends in failures and finding a solution for the manufacturing process in order to increase the yield. Additionally I worked for Rheonix, Inc. as a mechanical engineering intern where I focus on design of experiments, design of tools, and BOM upkeep of a biomedical device. I will use these tools gained in my past jobs to design, build and improve upon the mechanical system of this device.
Ryan Kinney (Electrical Engineer, Lead Electrical)
I am a fifth year electrical engineering student who has previously worked for the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority as a Power Engineering Intern where I focused on substation automation and power distribution calculations, my next job was as an Application Engineer for Schneider Packaging Equipment where I helped to design end of the line automation systems for manufacturing lines, I also programed pick and place machines for use in these systems. My previous work experience has focused my studies and experience toward power systems and automation.
Chris Molinari (Electrical Engineer, Controls Engineer)
Fifth year student, studying and finishing up a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. Have had experience through labs, such as Power Electronics, Control Systems, Communication Systems, and many more, as well as an intern for a company known as Peko Precision Inc. Through this company, I have gained experience in many different fields as a Controls Engineer, from learning to program devices, to troubleshooting, to looking up standards and following these based on each country's requirements, and many other things. I hope to benefit from these experiences to assist, and create a full functioning device with others in my group.

Team Values and Norms

Professional and Ethical
Demonstrates the core RIT values of SPIRIT http://www.rit.edu/overview/vision.html

Project Plans & Schedules

Gantt Chart: Updated Week 9

Gantt Chart: Updated Week 9

Risk Assessment

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