P16084: Lung Model

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Plans for MSD 2

Below is the plan for MSD 2 designed at the end of MSD 1 for the gate review.

public/MSD2 plan.jpg

At the beginning of MSD 2, the team revised the project plan. The revised project plan is pictured below.

public/Revised MSD 2 plan.jpg

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Completed this phase:

Test Plan Summary

Bellow are snapshots of the test plans designed by the team.

Please reference all test plans here.

public/Test Plan 1.jpg

public/Test Plan 2.jpg

public/Test Plan 3.jpg

public/Test Plan 4.jpg

public/Test Plan 5.jpg

public/Test Plan 6.jpg

public/Test Plan 7.jpg

public/Test Plan 8.jpg

public/Test Plan 9.jpg

public/Test Plan 10.jpg

Risk and Problem Tracking

Below is a snapshot of the risk management plan. After discussion at the gate review, the team and instructor decided that more risks needed to be added.

The complete risk management plan can be found here.

public/Added Risks.jpg

No problems have occurred concerning construction. The problem tracking example provided in class will be utilized by the team.

public/Problem Tracking.jpg

Plans for next phase





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