P16084: Lung Model

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase


Test Results and Construction Summary


In order to make the lungs more physiologically accurate, the team to decided to utilize spray paint in order to achieve the desired color. Since the shape for the first set of lungs was not desirable, a second set was attempted with a new stencil. This set had holes which would not seal with glue. Duct tape was utilized to seal the holes. Bubble wrap was measured out, instead of micro-filler beads, to represent the residual volume. The bubble wrap allowed the team to mitigate the risk of micro-filler beads escaping into the "throat".



The pulley system was tested. Below is a video of the movement.


The force required to pull the string in order to move the pulleys was tested utilizing a load cell and Capstone software. The figures below are the output from the testing. The figures correspond to the top pulley only, both pulleys, and a comparison plot.

public/Top pulley.jpg

public/Both pulleys.jpg

public/Comparison plot.jpg


The handle for the piston of the diaphragm was 3D printed. More work will be done to ensure the load cell can sit on the piston so that the students can record necessary values in lab. The diaphragm was 3D printed.

public/Piston Movement.jpg

public/Piston Movement2.jpg

Chest Cavity

A mold was 3d printed for the desired shape of the chest cavity. Plastic was thermoformed around the mold in order to manufacture the chest cavity.

public/Thermoform 1.jpg public/Thermoform 2.jpg

Risk and Problem Tracking

Below is the current risk management plan. The risks which have been eliminated are not included in the image.


Below is the current problem tracking plan.


Plans for next phase





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