P16084: Lung Model

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Setup

Member Role Contact
Dakota Bolt BME - Materials Manager djb7949@rit.edu
Jade Evans BME - Customer Relations jjr1945@rit.edu
Alice Daniel ME - Lead Engineer axd9720@rit.edu
Meaghan Erlewein BME - EDGE Administrator mae4886@rit.edu
John Kaemmerlen Project Guide
Subject Matter Expert Topics
Steven Day Lung materials ,piston design, pressure models for lungs
Dr. Dennis Cormier Materials for 3D printing ribs/diaphragm
Rick Auburn Thermoforming
Dr.Doran Mix Related lung pressure value validation
Beverly Strohm Related lung pressure value validation
Dr.Lewis and Luiza Mol de Freitas Andrade ABS filling and extrusion logistics
Dr. Gaborski Material consultation
Dr.Linte Mathematical model approximation
Paul Gregorious Material selection and availability consultation

Project Plans & Schedules

MSD 1 Schedule
Gantt Chart

MSD 2 Schedule

MSD 2 Schedule
An up to date gantt chart can be found here

Risk Assessment

  1. Create a projection graph of the total importance over time showing how that approaches zero near the end of MSD2.

public/Phase 5 Risk.jpg
The image above is a snapshot of our Risk Assessment. The live document can be found here.

Team Values and Norms

Team Values

Each team member will complete their assigned tasks in an agreed upon time frame. Member should also update team when task is completed via email, or in person.
Each team member will remain respectful at all times. Individuals are expected to provide and receive constructive criticism for the purpose of advancing the project.
Each team member will be prompt and arrive at the team meetings on time. If an unexpected conflict comes up, the absent team member will notify other members prior to the expected absence.
Each team member is expected to come to meetings prepared and be fully engaged in the topics and activities of that meeting. Individual should willingly present all findings and ideas.
Each team member will communicate effectively and in a timely manner. Email correspondence is important and emails should be replied to within 24 hours (maximum). Urgent or time sensitive email correspondence can be followed up by text notifications with more stringent response times.

Team Norms: Peer Assessment Rubric

Every team member will conduct a weekly peer assessment of their team-mates. The rubric below indicates how each team member will assess their peers. These 'Norms' reflect how each team member expects their peers to meet the team 'Values'.

Accepted Norms of Performance: Peer Assessment Rubric
Value Unsatisfactory-1 Meets Expectations-3 Exceeds Expectations-5
Accountability Team member does not complete assigned tasks. Individual does not inform others if the task has not been completed in the appropriate time. Team member completes tasks, but does not inform others that task has been completed or submitted (if responsible). Team member does and expands upon assigned task in a timely fashion . Individual also communicates its completion with the group effectively.
Value Unsatisfactory-1 Meets Expectations-3 Exceeds Expectations-5
Respect Team member disregards opinions,ideas, or suggestions by other team members. Individual does not respectfully accept or provide constructive criticism. Team member respects opinions most of the time, but does not always accept criticism gracefully. Team member always respects opinions and is open-minded towards other group members' opinions and feelings.
Value Unsatisfactory-1 Meets Expectations-3 Exceeds Expectations-5
Punctuality Team member never attends planned events or meetings, or is chronically late without alerting the team. Team member is typically on time to planned events and meeting. When the individual is late they alert the team sporadically. Team member has perfect or near-perfect attendance. In the event they will be late appropriate notice is made.
Value Unsatisfactory-1 Meets Expectations-3 Exceeds Expectations-5
Participation Team member does not pay attention during meetings, is disengaged, and does not contribute. Team member typically is engaged, but is unprepared for meetings. Team member comes prepared for meetings and is fully engaged. Individual also readily presents ideas and findings.
Value Unsatisfactory-1 Meets Expectations-3 Exceeds Expectations-5
Communication Team member does not respond to e-mails or questions, or does not respond in a timely fashion. Team member answers e-mails but usually has a delayed response time. Team member answers e-mails quickly and appropriately.

Other Team Resources

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews will be conducted anonymously every 3 weeks throughout MSD I&II. Constructive criticism will be presented in the form of pluses and deltas for each team member based on the criteria stated in our team values and norms document. Our project guide, Dr. Kaemmerlen, will review all suggestions and forward them to their appropriate team member. A sample peer review can be found here.


Communication between team members will be carried out via email for substantial new information that needs to be well documented. Text messages can be sent for regular updates among the team. Emails to team members should be CC'd to all member for the purpose of transparency and keeping everyone updated.

The best way to reach Dr.Bailey is via email. Jade will be the customer liaison and is tasked with keeping Dr.Bailey updated major project changes and facilitating design review availability. It isn't necessary to CC everyone when checking customer availability, but it is expected to be reported during meetings or via text/email.

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