P16084: Lung Model

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

Completed this phase

Below is the image of the updated plan tracking.


The full document can be found here.

Test Results Summary

Initial construction for the lungs began during this phase. The rubber was cut after tracing the stencil. The two pieces were glued together to create a pair. The lungs were glued at the bottom so that the lung could be flipped before the top portion was sealed. After allowing for a 24 hour drying period, the lung was filled with water and the unsealed portion was checked for leakage. The test was successful.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Many of the risks have been eliminated or lessened at the closure of this phase. The updated risks can be found here.

Below is a picture of the updated problem tracking.


Functional Demo


The residual volume is to be maintained via the use of microfiller beads. The 300mL required in each lung was measured out with a beaker and poured into the sandwich bags as pictured below.


The image below is of Jade gluing the bottom of the lung together. The lung stencil was traced onto the rubber and cut out. The bottom was sealed so that a drying period could take place before flipping.



The stand has a base with dimensions of 1 ft by 1 ft. The legs measure 11 inches in height. Screws were utilized to attach the legs to the base. At this time, the top of the stand was not machined because the diaphragm has not been printed. The construction was able to be completed because of the mechanical engineering machine shop (big thanks!).

public/Screenshots/standfab.jpg public/Screenshots/standfab2.jpg public/Screenshots/stand.jpg


The ribs have been printed.

public/Photo%20Gallery/ribs.JPG public/Photo%20Gallery/spine_back.JPG public/Photo%20Gallery/spine_side.JPG public/Photo%20Gallery/sternum.JPG public/Photo%20Gallery/fullrib.jpg

Chest Cavity

A new design for the chest cavity was designed. The new design allows for the spine to easily fit. A smaller model was printed and thermoforming was tested.

public/Photo%20Gallery/chest_back.JPG public/Photo%20Gallery/chest_side.JPG public/Photo%20Gallery/minicavity.JPG

Plans for Next Phase





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