P16103: RIT-SPEX Vibration Test Rig

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this phase, our team reviewed and addressed our deliverables from the detailed design review at the conclusion of MSD I. We’ve provided updates to our post-mortem documentation, including problem tracking and risk management. Individual test plans for each subsystem were created in preparation for building and testing of each subsystem in phase II.

Test Plan Summary

P16103 test plan

public/Build and Test Prep/P16103_Engineering Requirements.png

public/Build and Test Prep/P16103_Functional Decomposition.png

Simulation Testing

Simulation Testing

Simulation Test Plan Data Sheet

Simulation Test Plan Data Sheet

Sensor Testing

Sensor Testing

Time constant Testing

Time constant Testing

Emergency Code Testing

Emergency Code Testing

Emergency Stop Button Testing

Emergency Stop Button Testing

Portability Testing

Portability Testing

Risk and Problem Tracking

public/Build and Test Prep/P16103_Risk List current.JPG

public/Build and Test Prep/P16103_Problem_Tracking.PNG

Design Review Materials

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials

Plans for next phase

Team Shared vision

Testing Completed:

Parts Ordered

Build of Rig:

Our goals:


1. Accelerometer has been ordered (2/2/16). Will begin testing and becoming familiar with the device.

2. Continue to analyze any changes made to the system to ensure safety and structural integrity.


1. Test the Piston to the equations and see if the theory aligns with the experimental

2. Consider ordering piston


1. Ensure team has the necessary access to shop air for testing purposes

2. Provide a detailed analysis with data to conclude the what the system that we built is capable of as well as what its limitations are

3. Provide assistance to Peter during his testing


1. Complete ordering of parts

2. Construct parts as they arrive to ensure we meet our early deadline


1. Begin writing labview program for test rig.

2. Work with SPEX to establish possible plan for testing cubesats.

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