P16103: RIT-SPEX Vibration Test Rig

Systems Design

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The Systems Design Documents directory contains documents related to our system design phase.

Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase

Our team goal for the systems design process is to incorporate materials from phase 1 and apply them to create a specific, “big picture”, concept design of our test rig. The test rig should be easily operative and include a modeled P-Pod that is able to secure up to three CubeSats during vibration. It should also be capable of causing vibrations with frequencies ranging from 5-100 Hz.

During phase 2, our team compared the vibration environments and frequencies from the top three most common launch vehicles: Delta II, Falcon 9, and Atlas V, to identify the specifications needed to successfully design and operate our test rig. Using our functional decomposition, we combined the most important customer and engineering requirements from our project definition to decide which functions are necessary in brainstorming possible design solutions. We were able to use the same functions to create our morphological chart in order to narrow down our ideas to specific system design concepts. Our ideal system concept includes operating our test rig with a piston driven system and Arduino controller. The damping system will be comprised of shocks, actuators, or springs. Plans are in place to ensure the safety the system and those operating the rig in the case of an emergency.

Functional Decomposition

P16103: Vibration Test Rig Functional Decomposition - Updated September 27, 2015 public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Functional Decomposition.PNG

Engineering Requirements

P16103: Vibration Test Rig Engineering Requirements - Updated September 28, 2015

public/Problem Definition Documents/P16103_Engineering Requirements.JPG

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Engineering Requirements Functional Decomposition.PNG


public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Benchmark Specs.JPG

Existing Rigs

Packaging Science Lab - Lansmont Model 7000 Vibration Test System

Packaging Science Lab - Lansmont Model 7000 Vibration Test System

Packaging Science Lab - Vibration Test System #2

Packaging Science Lab - Vibration Test System #2

Small Test Rig Video
Large Test Rig Video

Research Articles

We researched Military Specification 1504 and Goddard Space Flight Specification to better understand the necessary testing a CubeSat must undergo in order to be considered flight ready.

Military Spec 1504

Goddard Space Flight Specification 7000A

Morphological Chart

P16103: Vibration Test Rig Morphological Chart - Updated September 26, 2015

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Morphological Chart.PNG

Concept Designs

System Concept Design 1

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_System Design_2_pja.jpg public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_ConceptDesign1.JPG

System Concept Design 2

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Mechanical Sketch.jpg

Video of concept applied

System Concept Design 3

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Concept Design 3.PNG

Concept Selection

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Selection Criteria.PNG

Pugh Chart

P16103: Vibration Test Rig Pugh Chart - Updated September 27, 2015

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Pugh Chart.PNG

System Concept - Ideal System

This is the first draft of a CAD model for our test rig. As we proceed into the next phase, it will continue to be more accurately represented.

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_CAD Model.JPG

Systems Architecture

P16103: Vibration Test Rig System Architecture - Updated September 27, 2015

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_System Architecture.PNG

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

Launch Vehicle and Test Specifications Research

Atlas V Payload User Guide

Delta II Payload User Guide

Falcon 9 Payload User Guide

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_AtlasVibes1.PNG

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_AtlasVibes2.PNG

Cost of Materials vs Density

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Cost vs Density.JPG

Cross Sectional Reference:

A: L-Bar public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Lbar.png B: Piping public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Piping.png


Risk Assessment

P16103: Vibration Test Rig Risk Assessment - Updated September 27, 2015

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Risk List Current.JPG

Plans for Next Phase

P16103: Vibration Test Rig Phase 3 Project Plan - Updated September 27, 2015

public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_Phase 3 Plan.PNG

MSD I Plans

P16103: Vibration Test Rig MSD I Deliverable Planning - Updated September 28, 2015 public/Systems Design Documents/P16103_MSD 1 Deliverable Planning.PNG

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