P16104: Microfluidic Spectroscopy for Proteins within CubeSats

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Summary: In MSDII we see a dramatic shift away from the standard class model of having designated milestones. As we enter the build phase and testing phases of our project due dates and project milestones become more fluid. By utilizing a Gantt Chart we are able to plan project deliverables in such a way that we are set up for on time delivery. It let's us see how delays created by unexpected roadblocks will affect other aspects of the project. For the remainder of MSDII we will be using this tool to track progress and stay on track.

Gantt Chart Item Tracking


Test Plan Summary

Completed Tests

Thermal Test Plan

Photodiode Test

Future Tests

Protein and Reagent Mixing

Photodiode Voltage Test

Risk and Problem Tracking


Risk Management Working Document

Current Problem Tracker


Design Review Materials

Action items will be summarized upon review completion.

Plans for next phase

Darin Berrigan's Three Week Plan : Darin's Goals

Mallory Rauch's Three Week Plan : Mallory's Goals

Anna Jensen's Three Week Plan : Anna's Goals

James Lewis's Three Week Plan : James's Goals

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