P16104: Microfluidic Spectroscopy for Proteins within CubeSats

Subsystem Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

MSDII Second Phase Summary:

Current State Gantt Chart:


Test Plans and Results

Electrical Engineering


The circuit diagram in the lower right hand corner is the schematic for the transimpedance amplifier that the current photodiode uses in order to amplify the nA current to voltage levels the micro-controller can read.


This circuit will be used when we obtain the new photodiode. Unfortunately, we will not be able to verify it works with hardware until we get the photodiode. Regardless, we have done all we can with simulations and acquiring all the other components.

The upper graph demonstrates the effect on the input voltage has on the output voltage. As the input loses voltage, the output gains voltage. This is better illustrated with the second graph which shows the gain of the amplifier over a range of currents provided by the photodiode.

The following images contain the PCB design




Mainboard 3D


Driver Schematic


LED Driver


Biomedical Engineering

Microfluidic Device Iteration #4 - Improved from Device Iteration #3

Properly spaced wells for having solenoids and LED centered Adjusted depths of wells to allow for complete expulsion of reagent from Well 3 Extended length for more secure top layer adhesion and better fit within subsystem Overall Width: 15 mm, Overall Height: 45 mm

Future Test Plans


Mixing Quantification Plan

Structural Engineering

Thermal Test Plan
Intermediate results from thermal testing. Heat generation from the internal components has begun to be incorporated.
Results from testing

CubeSat Elements


List of elements required for Space Launch.The goal of our project is to make a spectroscopy system for proteins which can fit inside a CubeSat. However, for a CubeSat to function in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) it requires a number of elements which we have not integrated into our system due to the scope of our project.

1U CubeSat Chassis
Isometric drawing detailing rail and separation spring locations

Risk and Problem Tracking

Link to the live Risks document: Subsystem Build and Test Risks

Current Phase Problem Tracker:

public/Problem Tracking Rev2.JPG

Functional Demo Materials

Solenoid Mixing Test With Sealed PDMS

Plans for next phase

Mallory Rauch's Three Week Plan : Mallory's Goals

Anna Jensen's Three Week Plan : Anna's Goals

James Lewis's Three Week Plan : James's Goals

Darin Berrigan's Three Week Plan : Darin's Goals

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