P16104: Microfluidic Spectroscopy for Proteins within CubeSats

Team Values and Norms

Agreement of Expectations

Our team has developed an Agreement of Expectations for handling situations throughout Senior Design.

Value Expectation
Team Behavior • Each team member shall be committed to the project.

• Each team member shall be respectful of other members and give constructive feedback.

• Each team member shall practice good attendance.

• Each team member shall maintain a professional manner.

• Each team member shall meet deadlines and thoroughly complete deliverables.

Team Communication • Email and texting shall be the primary modes of communication.

• Team members shall respond to emails or texts within a day of being received.

• Team members shall provide thoughtful responses to communication.

• Weekly meetings shall be held outside of class to discuss and work on the project in person.

Team Work Distribution • Work distribution shall be discussed among team members during class time and/or the weekly meeting so that everyone is clear on their work expectations.

• Work shall be distributed according to the individual’s skills and area of expertise.

Communication with Guide • Team members shall discuss project updates with the Guide during class meetings.

• If the Guide is needed for assistance outside of class, the team members shall communicate this need through email.

Team Decision Making • Team members shall discuss decisions during class or meeting times.

• Team members shall respectfully listen to all points of view in order to arrive at the best conclusion.

• Decisions may be made over email provided every member agrees with the final conclusion.

Managing Conflict • All conflicts shall be handled during class or meeting times.

• All conflicts shall be discussed to determine if a compromise can be reached.

• In extreme cases, the Guide shall be asked to mediate conflict discussions.

Integrity and Ethics • Each team member shall follow the Engineering Code of Ethics.

• Each team member shall be honest about items or issues related to the project.

• Plagiarism or cheating shall not be tolerated.

Task Responsibility • Each team member shall complete his or her work by the designated due dates.

• If a team member is struggling to complete a task, he or she shall communicate this to the group for help.

Team Meetings • Each team member shall be at the weekly meetings.

• Each team member shall be allowed one unexcused absence during each semester.

• Each team member shall arrive to meetings no more than 10 minutes late.

Extenuating Circumstances • Each team member shall communicate via email or text in the event that they cannot not make a class or weekly meeting.

• All other team members shall be respectful and understanding of the predicament.

• The affected team member shall be granted an excused absence.