P16121: SAE Aero Aircraft Design & Build

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

This MSD team will not be filing for any patents. All competition rules are the property of SAE Aerospace.

Team Setup

Team Roles

Chris Jones: Aeronautical Engineer
Matt Zielinksi: Aeronautical Engineer
Ron Manning: Aeronautical Engineer, RADT Liason
Dom Myren: Aeronautical Engineer, Project Manager and Analyst
Marc Protacio: Aeronautical Engineer, Team Leader

Team Members Skills

Team member skills are still being assessed and quantified. At the present we have identified a few key areas of competence:

Chris Jones: Flight Dynamics and Controls
Matt Zielinksi: Propulsion, Electrical Systems, Materials Selection, Manufacturing
Ron Manning: Structural Design, Materials Selction, Manufacturing
Dom Myren: Aerodynamics, CFD, FEA
Marc Protacio: Aircraft Configuration and Systems Integration

Team Values and Norms

This team resolves to conduct business with special business paid to efficiency and respect. We have reached an informal agreement among ourselves and have codified this agreement into a matrix which contains details. This matrix is also of relevance for performing the peer evaluations.

Team Norms

Team Norms

Project Plans & Schedules

The project will continue alongside the requirements of the MSD course. In order to obtain an agreement between the MSD course requirements and meet our design goals, we will be proceeding rapidly and begin defining features of subsystems during the system design phase. This will allow us to be working on details during the subsystem design phase. The Gantt Chart contains these details.

Excerpt of Gantt Chart

Excerpt of Gantt Chart

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Attempts to manage risks will be on-going throughout the entire term. At the present we have made an informed estimation of notable risks and their relative severity. We have assigned ownership to certain team members, as can be seen in this document (PDF) (.xlsx recommended). It is notable that not all team members are assigned risks evenly. This is to accommodate other responsibilities and the likelihood that new risks will be identified. Also, the team leader has ownership of all risks.
Excerpt of Risk Management Document

Excerpt of Risk Management Document

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

We will be having longer, more serious meetings with the RADT shortly in order to discuss manufacturing processes. When we do so, meeting notes will be located here.

Peer Reviews

We will undergo periodic peer review. The goal of this is not to criticize. By undertaking frequent review we hope to ensure that productivity and efficiency remain high and reduce stress by preventing work related tension from building. Our current review document is here.

Project Reviews

We are keeping copies of all reviews in powerpoint form. They will be linked here when they are complete so that we can have 'snapshots' of the project at several points in time.

The first presentation is here as a pdf or a powerpoint.

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