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Build & Test Prep

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MSD I Post-Mortem

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this phase the team worked towards finalizing plans for testing the lower body prototype when it is built. The team has been working with the motor controls to ensure that desired functionality can be achieved with the Teensy architecture. As of now, the team is confident that the motors will be able to run as desired. The mechanical team worked towards machining parts and creating a gait simulation from the current design. The electrical team has been working on PCB designs and further feasibility analysis with the motors for the full system.

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials

Test Plan Summary

We took our previous test plan layout and have reformatted the layout to fit the provided template. Revised Test Plan

Software Demo

Video Demonstration of Motor Operation

Video Demonstration of Motor Operation without Homing

Below are the pin assignments for the Teensy for one leg. The signals are set such that the B/move signal is on a PWM cabable pin wherever possible to simplify coding. In addition, the I2C pins that will be used for sensors are outlined in the document.

Teensy Pin Assignments

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Assessment Updated 2/8/16

Power Calculations/Feasibility

Power Calculations Overview:

public/Build and Test Prep Review/EE/Power_calculations_overview.PNG

Power Calculations Breakdown:

public/Build and Test Prep Review/EE/Power_calculations_breakdown.PNG

PCB Designs


public/Build and Test Prep Review/EE/Draft of FSR PCB.PNG

Breakout PCB:

public/Build and Test Prep Review/EE/breakout.PNG

99% finalized lower body design w/ box for electrical equipment

Angled Lower Body View

public/Build and Test Prep Review/ME/angled_lower_body.jpg

Angled Torso Detail View

public/Build and Test Prep Review/ME/angled_torso_detail.jpg

Front Lower Body View

public/Build and Test Prep Review/ME/front_lower_body.jpg

Side Lower Body View

public/Build and Test Prep Review/ME/side_lower_body.jpg

Gazebo Progress To Date

Design Review Materials

Link to view review agenda

Build and Test Prep Review Notes

Updated Project Plan

Updated Project Plan (as of 2/7/16):

public/Build and Test Prep Review/Administrative/MSD II Project Plan (2-7-16).PNG

Individual Task Lists

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