P16201: Tigerbot

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

By the end of this phase, the team will have a step demo with the full lower body assembly and be able to prove that the sensors utilized will work for future iterations. In addition, the team will have documented assembly instructions and sensor information. Finally, the team is working towards a proof of concept for the foot design to be explored further in future iterations.

During this phase, the team created a mid-air walk cycle, kick, and controlled each motor individually within both legs. The team also wired one full sensor network for the right leg and set up a demonstration to show how the sensor network operates and will gather data for future iterations. An assembly manual for the mechanical design was created to help future teams moving forward.

Performance vs. Requirements

A summary of the team's progress towards the requirements of the project

Risk and Problem Tracking

Final Project Documentation

3 Week Plans

During the course of this review, our customer requested that we test the lower body prototype walking flush with the ground. These tests are in progress as of May 16th, 2016.

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