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Integrated System Build & Test

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Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

For this phase, the team planned to successfully implement and run two motors in a daisy-chained configuration. This was done and has been demonstrated for the customer and guide and is also shown in videos below. In addition, the mechanical team is working diligently to build the lower body so the electrical team can continue testing more and more motors. To date we have two feet to ankle builds complete. The electrical team also planned to and has continued to test the sensors with the PCBs that we have received.

Test Results Summary

Test Plan and Results

ADC and FSR Test and Results

EE Test Plan

Daisy-Chained Motor Tests

Daisy-Chained Motors running outside of the leg joints

Daisy-Chained Motors running inside of the leg joints

Risk and Problem Tracking

Machining/Assembly Progress

All waterjetting will be complete by the end of the week. Many of these components need some finish machine work done to them in order to be assembled. Everything assembled prior to this point has been disassembled and checked for proper alignment.

From correspondence with Harmonic Drive, the old design and implementation of the gearboxes is incorrect and will result in additional unwanted wear on a gearbox. Incorporating all recommended edits to the design at this point is not feasible.

Moving forward, we will be incorporating a few of the suggestions into the current design, while still maintaining an appropriate timeline. This requires additional machining to the gearbox mount and output plates. All gearboxes have been taken apart and the new design is currently being incorporated.

public/Integrated System Build and Test/ME/Build_progress_pic.jpg

Functional Demo Materials

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Plans for next phase

Updated Project Plan (as of 03/15/16):

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Team Task List

Individual Task Lists

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