P16201: Tigerbot

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

During this phase, the team aimed to create a demonstration of at least two daisy-chained motors, running at once. To date, the cables have been cut to the lengths provided by the Mech E team, however the tin crimps gathered from surplus were found to be too small for the wire gauge. Samples have been ordered for the tin crimps specified in the Teknic motor manual. The cables were tested and the results are outlined below. The team has also continued to work on the PCBs and testing the level shifter functions with the Teensy. The PCBs were ordered Tuesday (2/23) and the level shifter protoboard was successfully tested and functions appropriately. Parts are continually being machined for the lower body as well.

Test Results Summary

The test plan was updated for sensor testing per the previous design review: Updated Test Plan
Also added is an EE test plan: EE test plan

Daisy-Chained Motor Demo

FSR Update

Per the last review, the FSRs were benchmarked against other humanoid robot designs as shown: FSR Benchmarking

In addition, a walkthrough doc was created to explain the FSR board and functionality: FSR PCB Explained

ADC Testing

ADC Serial Output

snapshot of code used to test ADC

ADC board testing walkthrough

Risk and Problem Tracking

however, some issues required more attention and these are highlighted below.

Breakout PCB

Layout of ordered PCB

Some of these problems were explored in more detail using the problem tracking template provided: 16201 Problem Tracking

Machining Progress

public/subsystem build and test review/ME/Foot_and_Calf_pic_1.jpg

public/subsystem build and test review/ME/Foot_and_Calf_Pic_2.jpg

public/subsystem build and test review/ME/Foot_and_Calf_Pic_3.jpg

Updated Project Plan

Updated Project Plan (as of 2/24/16): public/subsystem build and test review/Administrative/MSD II Project Plan (2-24-16).PNG

Plans for next phase

Individual Task Lists

Review Notes

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