P16203: Smart Power Supply Test Bench

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

During the initial stages of this project the team had several goals it accomplished. The project readiness proposal was reviewed and from that a well-defined problem statement was formed.

The customer was interviewed and with the new information acquired, the customer's needs were clearly determined. This led to the creation of the engineering requirements.

Now there is a tentative project plan in place and the team is ready to move forward with the Smart Power Supply Test Bench project.

Project Summary

The smart power supply test bench is an automated test fixture for a power supply and control board assembly. It will fully calibrate and test the functionality of the two boards serially and in parallel. The test fixture will also keep the technician isolated from exposure to any high voltages. There is no existing test fixture at this time, therefore the production of a fixture with these capabilities will greatly increase speed, efficiency and safety of testing.

This projects goals are to design and produce a suitably working and safe test fixture. It will be capable of being used in a manufacturing environment by people with limited working experience. To aid in this usage, there will be a full set of documentation and instructions that accompany the finished product.


Use Cases

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

The customer can expect to receive at the end of this project:

Customer Requirements (Needs)



Customer Requirements

Customer Requirements

A live and up to date copy of this table can be found here.

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)


Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Note: The 3 images below contain customer specified engineering requirements.

public/Photo Gallery/Engineering Requirements PS Outputs.PNG public/Photo Gallery/Engineering Requirements Controller Outputs.PNG public/Photo Gallery/Engineering Requirements Combined Outputs.PNG

A live and up to date copy of this table can be found here.

House of Quality

Design Review Materials

(Use the individual 3-week plan template for this)

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