P16214: Bicycle Power Meter

Planning & Execution

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The purpose of this page is to show our MSD team progress as we complete each different phase of this project. This page not only shows the expectations of the team members but it also shows the schedule that the team plans to follow as well as risks that the team may face and how we overcame these obstacles. The original documents for all of the documents on this page can be found in the Project Management folder.

Values and Norms

The following shows the values and norms that were agreed upon by the MSD team for the actions and outcomes that are expected for each team member to adhere to.

Value: Cooperation

Value: Behavior

Value: Work Ethic

Value: Quality of Work

Value: Able to Take Constructive Criticism and Listen to Others

The original document for the MSD Team values and norms can be found here

Project Plans & Schedules


Our team schedule for the problem statement phase as well as the next phase moving forward is shown below:

MSD Team Schedule

MSD Team Schedule

The following is a link to the live document for the schedule:


Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The following figure shows the work breakdown structure for this project:

To see the figure more clearly, a closer look at the work break down structure can be seen using the original document.

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