P16221: FSAE shock dyno

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

During this phase of the design our team set out to interview the customer (FSAE) and several possible stakeholders in order to get a list of customer requirements that would make this design useful for not only FSAE but other groups within RIT. We also wanted to interview some outside racing teams and see what they used for data and if they had an interest in our design.

During the first three weeks of MDS I we interviewed our customer (FSAE), an internal club (Baja) and an external racing team (Berg Racing). We distilled the results of our interviews into a list of customer requirements that was agreed upon by FSAE. We have used the customer requirements to drive engineering requirements and worked on requirement interactions using the House of Quality.

We have a few more internal stakeholders to interview, such as Snowmobile racing and bicycle racing.

Project Summary

Design a damper dynamometer to test dampers (shocks) and ultimately generate force vs velocity charts. The RIT FSAE racing team will use these charts to compare dampers and settings as well as tune their shocks. If possible, the FSAE team would like to be able to tune their shocks based on track data inputs and design and fabricate their own shocks at RIT in the future.

Use Cases


Use Case

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

The goal at the end of the project is to deliver a working prototype dyno to FSAE. In addition, the following items will be delivered:

Preliminary Deliverables.

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Customer Requirements

Customer Requirements

Download Customer Requirements

Dr. Alan Nye Interview

Baja Interview

Berg Racing Interview

Hotwheelz Interview

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)


Create a contract between the engineer and the customer where indisputable satisfaction of the engineering requirements equates to customer satisfaction
Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Download Engineering Requirements


  1. Total Cost: <$4000
  2. Maximum size: 4' x 4'

House of Quality

House of Quality

House of Quality

House of Quality

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Assessment

Design Review Materials

Problem Definition Documents

Documents related to to Problem Definition Phase can be accessed here.

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