P16227: Inflatable Robotic Hand

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

We continued to integrate our subsystems (force actuation, controls, navigation) together and we were able to accomplish the following:

We still need to work on the following:

We also did all the tests (as laid out by the test plans and engineering requirements) that can be completed at this stage. The following tests have been completed:

The following still need to be done:

Test Results Summary

Rqm. # Subsystem Overview Unit Target Value Marginal Value Results Conclusion Test Plan Owner
001 Force Actuation Compressor power psi 100 80 100 Successful plan Gebalanage Jayasekera
002 Force Actuation Compressor flow rate cfm 0.88 0.3 0.34 Successful plan Gebalanage Jayasekera
003 Force Actuation Inflation time s 2 5 - Incomplete plan Travis Emery
004 Force Actuation Deflation time s 10 15 - Incomplete plan Travis Emery
005 Force Actuation Inflated arm reach in 6 4 - Incomplete plan Travis Emery
006 Force Actuation Object lift distance in 6 4 - Incomplete plan Travis Emery
007 Force Actuation Hand grip strength psi 20 15 - Incomplete plan Travis Emery
008 Force Actuation Stored air volume ml 1200 200 4000 Successful plan Gebalanage Jayasekera
009 Force Actuation Stored air pressure psi 100 80 100 Successful plan Gebalanage Jayasekera
011 Control Systems Battery life min 120 30 - Incomplete plan Tim Kremers
012 Navigation Chassis weight capacity lbs 40 120 - Incomplete plan Tim Kremers


So far we can conclude that the system is able to maintain air pressure at the required range. The compressor is capable of supplying the pressure we need at a reasonable flow rate and the tank/flow loop is capable of holding more than enough pressure.

Inputs & Source

  1. Test Plans
  2. Engineering Requirements

Outputs & Destination

  1. Test Results
  2. System integration

Risk and Problem Tracking

Functional Demo Materials

Flow loop:


public/Photo Gallery/Demo/motor_img.jpg

Plans for next phase

MSD II Full Plan
MSD II Individual Plans

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